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Founded in 2009, 8minutenergy Renewables is the largest independent developer of solar PV projects. To date, 8minutenergy has nearly 5.5 gigawatts under development in North America, been awarded more than 1.5 GW in power purchase agreements, and is developing some of the largest solar plants in the world, including the 800 MW Mount Signal farm in California. 8minutenergy has an unmatched ability to produce affordable clean energy and to deliver strong financial returns on utility-scale solar projects.

Their commercial-scale performance can be measured by proven projects and their development pipeline. With their heritage in California, 8minutenergy is proud to be one of the state's solar energy leaders with nearly 15% market share today. The four largest California utilities (SCE, PG&E, LADWP, SDG&E) are all repeat customers, each having closed multiple PPAs with 8minutenergy.

8minutenergy is headquartered in California with primary offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. The company has recently expanded their focus to include international markets where clean energy is needed most, and we are particularly excited about working in India and Latin America.

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